LYLA Meeting at the Humboldt Area Foundation

LYLA 2-10-13 A

Humboldt Area Foundation attendees.

L(ive) Y(our) L(anguage) A(lliance) Meeting

Where? Humboldt Area Foundation, Indianola Rd., Main Community Meeting Room, Eureka, California. (Between Eureka and Arcata)

When? Monday, March 10, 2014, 10am to 1pm.

What? We will finalize the program for the bi-annual LYLA conference and hear updates from the various work committees. 

Notes: Our second meeting resulted in a draft program for this 2 day conference.  Speakers and presenters were selected. A youth/child program was established for the conference. All LYLA meetings are open to those involved in the preservation and revitalization of their Native languages.

Applications and Programs will be available soon!


Leo Canez facilitating the schedule.

LYLA 2-10-13 B

Humboldt Area Foundation attendees.

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